Mild to severe jaw pain can be frustrating or downright debilitating. Jaw pain and soreness can quickly become a quality of life issue as much as a medical issue for our patients in the  Sacramento, CA area. The temporomandibular joints are some of the most used joints in the human body, and jaw pain can cause everyday functions like eating, speaking, and even breathing to become uncomfortable or even painful.

During your consultation at our office, Dr. Timothy E. Mickiewicz will take as much time as needed to carefully examine your symptoms before diagnosing the cause of your jaw pain. In many cases, these symptoms can be addressed through focused dental procedures. If you experience frequent discomfort in or around your jaws, early treatment can lead to better health outcomes. We welcome you to schedule a meeting with Dr. Mickiewicz as soon as possible by contacting us online or calling (916) 469-9178.

What Is Causing My Jaw Discomfort?

Due to the complexity of the temporomandibular joints, there can be many causes of jaw pain. The proximity to the ear and teeth mean that pain in one area of the head can radiate to nearby areas. This is one reason why you should seek a skilled and experienced doctor when seeking treatment for jaw pain. Dr. Mickiewicz has more than 25 years of professional experience treating this medical condition. Dr. Mick, as his patients know him, is double-board certified through the ACSDD (Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines) and AAIPM (Academy of Integrative Pain Management).

One condition Dr. Mickiewicz will look for when diagnosing your jaw pain is TMJ disorder. More than 10 million Americans suffer from this condition, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Some patients believe that they have to experience consistent jaw pain to be diagnosed with TMJ disorder. Not every occurrence of jaw pain means that a serious medical problem is a cause. Some patients may have slept in an unnatural position, or they may have injured their jaw without being aware of it. For these individuals, the symptoms should naturally subside with time.

Many of our patients experience jaw pain in recurring cycles. Whether you have consistent jaw pain or bouts of periodic discomfort, Dr. Mickiewicz can help you understand the underlying causes of jaw pain. While genetic factors and aging are obvious potential causes of jaw pain, certain habits can lead to injury of the temporomandibular joint as well. A few of these include:

  • Poor sleeping posture
  • Fingernail biting
  • Dietary choices (especially with hard foods)
  • Impacts on the head

Stress is another common cause of jaw pain. Stress can lead to jaw clenching at night. To address dental problems or other causes of TMJ disorder, Dr. Mickiewicz offers multiple treatments that have proven to be effective. Our office offers oral appliances (custom mouth guards), trigger point injections (to address muscle pain), physical therapy (to correct muscle movements), and medications to address pain.

Once your jaw pain symptoms begin receding, you may notice other benefits as well. Jaw pain is often accompanied by headaches, elevated stress, tooth pain, and difficulty sleeping. The temporomandibular joints are often a central cause of these side effects, meaning that you can enjoy relief from these secondary problems once Dr. Mickiewicz has begun properly treating you.

Treat the Cause of Your Jaw Pain

Dr. Mick has decades of experience treating TMJ disorder and other causes of jaw pain. If you are ready to begin treating the cause of our discomfort, contact our Sacramento office online or call (916) 469-9178.  

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