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Dr. Timothy Mickiewicz, DDS has served the Sacramento, CA, and greater northern California area for more than 30 years. He is passionate about his patients and relieving them from complications associated with temporomandibular joint disease (TMD) and sleep apnea. Our office staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care. We can assist you from the time you call to set up your first appointment through the stressful insurance maze to seeing you through completion of a long treatment plan.

A Brief Introduction of Dr. Mickiewicz

Dr. Mickiewicz was recently featured in Sacramento Magazine’s November 2016 issue of “Faces of Sacramento” for his extensive work in TMJ therapy and dental sleep medicine. He is highly regarded in both the dental and medical communities and has an extensive network of partnerships throughout Northern California.

He received his undergraduate degree from St. Mary’s College in 1979 and later attended the University of Pacific for his doctorate in dental surgery (DDS). Over the course of his 30 years of practice, Dr. Mickiewicz has completed 50 or more hours of continuing education per year, which is twice the requirements set forth by the state of California.

Our offices are home to the Pacific Orofacial Pain Consultants, LLC, (POPC) where Dr. Mickiewicz consistently works to close the gap between medicine and dentistry. The goal of POPC is to educate patients to function in wellness, not illness, and to encourage patient education in all areas of health.


Dr. Mickiewicz has focused his training and education on several niche fields of knowledge within dentistry. Many of his professional memberships, such as the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain reflect these specialties. In addition to his extensive knowledge and experience in dentistry, he also offers:

AcceleDent® Aura is used as a complement to orthodontic treatments. When used in conjunction with traditional or clear braces, this tool increases teeth movement by 20 percent.
As a certified Invisalign® provider, Dr. Mickiewicz can provide patients with this comfortable, clear alignment system as an alternative to traditional braces.
This medical condition is caused by a blockage or compromise of the airflow to the lungs. Dr. Mickiewicz can provide patients suffering from sleep apnea with a custom oral appliance to ease their symptoms and complications.
Dysfunctions of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can lead to headaches, joint popping, and sleep disorders. Treatment for TMD varies depending on individual patient symptoms and causes, but most patients find relief with a custom mouth guard.

I have had headache issues for the last 35 years. Every morning greeted me with a headache. I’ve been to many doctors and have had many X-rays and cat scans of my head and neck. I was treated for migraines and neck issues. Nothing worked. I went to Dr. Mickiewicz two months ago and his diagnosis was TMJ. He fitted me with an appliance and the results are amazing. I have been back twice to have him adjust the appliance as my jaw loosens and adjusts, and he is always very patient with my extra-long explanations. I wish I had known him 35 years ago. FYI – I am now waking up without headaches – it is a good start to any day. Thanks Dr. Mick!

Lily S.

I have been seeing Dr Mickiewicz for over two years and am very satisfied with his services. I have a sleep apnea problem and rarely was getting any good nights rest. My medical doctor suggested I wear a large breathing machine… so I went ahead and got one and tried it out and and had nothing but problems trying to sleep with this large breathing machine strapped to my head. Then I saw Dr Mickiewicz and he has found the simplest and most affordable solution with my custom made mouthpiece that reshapes my jaw position just while I sleep! Bingo– no more sleep issues and also no more large breathing machine to struggle with! I am very grateful for his expertise and experience with sleep issues.

Tony A.

I recently visited Dr. Mickiewicz after years of suffering from sleep apnea and no success using conventional CPAP machines. I was fitted with dental appliance in an effort to resolve the problem. Frankly, I was skeptical, but I am so pleased with the early results. I just started using the device last week and I am already seeing an improvement in the quality of my sleep. From my first contact with Dr. Mickiewicz, it was immediately apparent that his grasp of the issues surrounding sleep apnea were light years ahead of his peers. He is a true professional and I enthusiastically recommend him.

Don B.

Always a great experience at this dental office. The front office has your paperwork prepared before you arrive. Everyone is very nice and friendly and hardworking. My teeth are thoroughly cleaned when I visit. This place is a step above the rest with the right amount of class and comfort.

Kara S.

When I went to see Dr. Mickiewicz my jaw was locking up on me because my TMJ was so bad and my doctor didn’t really know what to do for me. This man changed my life. At my first visit I couldn’t even yawn without my jaw locking in the open position. At my last visit I could yawn and even chew steak without my jaw hurting.

Jewel L.

I have spent thousands of dollars out of pocket to dentists for my TMJ problems with no lasting relief. Dr. Mickiewicz was able to give me relief after years of pain. I am also able to utilize my medical insurance for his services adding credibility to his level of service that goes beyond common dentistry. His extensive knowledge of the disorder was clear; combined with his personable disposition put me at ease. His staff also deserves mention they are true professionals with a clear constitution for compassion.

Cathleen J.

My husband and I have gone to Dr. Mickiewicz for years after a recommendation of a coworker. Kind of strange to say that going to the dentist is an enjoyable experience – but it is! After years of having tense and painful visits to other dentists in Sacramento, we have found the right DDS for us: above average in all areas. He is an excellent practitioner, listens to all symptoms and concerns, answers all questions patiently and repeats as necessary. Gives us time to make any decisions about our dental care if we are hesitant, and encourages second opinions. His chair-side manner is relaxed and personable – which helps me relax. He is stuck with us for life! Thanks Dr. Mickiewicz and staff!


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