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Our Philosophy

Our Environment

Our office has been designed to make patients feel comfortable and at ease throughout their visit. Our friendly staff is available to answer questions, giving patients the power to make informed decisions about their own dental health. Throughout the process we will be here to motivate, educate, listen, and learn with you.

We believe in preventive dentistry and we encourage our patients to be proactive about their health, operating under the belief that our patients should be just as much a part of the solution as anybody on our staff. We believe in working with you, and creating an environment in which you are an active participant.

Working together, we are able to create a positive dental experience, in which you are given the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your health. As a patient, you will be asked to provide us with a thorough health history, which allows us to identify possible solutions to your unique dental situation.

However, we have learned that the greatest success comes from you taking ownership of your health, actively participating in treatment, and committing yourself to your unique treatment plan. Treatment modalities are discussed on a case-by-case basis and will be explained to you completely. We will also explain the rationale used to create your treatment plan. Again, giving you the power to understand and participate in your treatment and success.

For our temporomandibular disorder (TMD) clients, we know it can be difficult to sort through the myriad of treatment philosophies. It’s even difficult for the average dentist, so it can be nearly impossible for patients. Fortunately, and consistent with our procedures, recent research has emphasized evidenced-based treatment approaches and the consensus has become clear: conservative treatment is the best treatment.


Our staff is dedicated to providing you with maximum support to help achieve our mutual goals. We ask for your cooperation with completion of all requested forms and records; medical history, chronological narratives, and current insurance information are all critical to our mutual success. This helps us to eliminate confusion, give you accurate information, and prevent surprise bills! While these items are necessary for us to provide excellent service, please be assured your privacy is always respected.

With our TMD pain and sleep medicine patients, communication and active participation is especially key. Before you arrived here you may have spent a number of years being frustrated because numerous specialists have not been able to find the source of your pain. In some cases, our patients have been stifling their pain for years, learning to live with it rather than finding any kind of solution. Today, all that can change, but only with the right ingredients.

One of the reasons our patients get results from our treatments is our ability to keep them informed of what we are doing and, more importantly, why we are doing it. Keeping you informed throughout every step of your treatment process allows you to be proactive in managing the pain. In return we ask that you also communicate with us. As described above, we will ask for an accurate medical history to help us better see your unique pain puzzle. Once we are able to visualize potential sources of your symptoms, we will be able create a vivid treatment picture for you.


Dr. Mickiewicz has championed conservative treatment philosophy, working and fighting with the medical insurance industry to get recognition for TMD as a medical problem with a dental solution.

We have a strong relationship with the area’s leading medical groups, including Sutter, Mercy, and UC Davis. We have also developed a network with local dental specialists, attorneys, and ancillary medical providers, all with you in mind.

Being able to work with these major medical groups and local specialists allows us to get you the best possible treatment for the best value. Because of this alignment with other local institutions the cost of treatment is often borne by the patient’s medical insurance.

A major part of our commitment is the countless hours Dr. Mickiewicz has dedicated to education and personal research. The end result has been the successful treatment of thousands of patients.