Top 4 Reasons That You Need Orthodontics

female patient placing Invisalign tray over teeth

While you want to achieve straighter, more beautiful teeth, there are several factors that you have to consider before any orthodontic treatment. Patients need to think about the time commitment, price, and how braces will affect their appearance. That’s why the decision to get orthodontics to fix your smile is never easy.


When you visit Dr. Timothy Mickiewicz for a consultation, he helps you decide on the best option. At our practice, we offer traditional braces, Invisalign, and Acceledent to meet a variety of needs. However, before you make any choice, you should understand the top four reasons why you need orthodontics.

Improved Alignment

One of the top reasons that people choose braces is to improve the alignment of their teeth. When an individual’s teeth don’t line up properly, they could have problems chewing and biting. In some cases, the teeth can be so crooked that an individual finds it painful to eat.


Additionally, when the teeth are severely misaligned, a patient might have problems taking care of their oral health. Poor oral hygiene can lead to things like tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Braces work by shifting teeth into the proper position to improve alignment.

Improved Appearance

So many people turn to orthodontics simply to improve their appearance. Straighter teeth provide patients with a more beautiful, seamless smile that can enhance self-esteem. Whether an individual suffers from gaps, an overbite, or underbite, braces provide patients with a whole new look.


Best of all, choosing an option like Invisalign offers patients a virtually invisible look, so they can straighten their teeth without anybody noticing. After any treatment, the smile is completely transformed for an appearance that any patient will love.

Fix Speech Impediments

For some people, overbites and gaps go beyond the cosmetic and can cause more serious problems like speech impediments. As a result of these issues, patients might experience a lisp or a whistling sound when speaking. In other situations, the way that teeth are aligned can prevent the tongue from having adequate room. This can lead to patients slurring their words and not verbalizing as clearly as they would like. Misaligned teeth can cause some patients to have an inability to pronounce certain sounds and letters correctly.


When patients’ communication is affected, they might feel self-conscious about interacting with others. For some people, they might find themselves withdrawing more and more from social situations. This is why we recommend braces to place teeth in the correct position to allow for easier communication. 

Relieve Jaw Pain

TMJ disorder is when there are problems with the jaw joints and muscles that are found on both sides of the face. When the joint is affected, patients can experience pain. While there are many causes of the disorder, a misalignment of the teeth is a common culprit. This affliction occurs because crooked teeth can lead to more wear and tear on the TMJ.


When you choose orthodontics to straighten your teeth, this alleviates the pressure on the jawbone. As a result, your joint pain is resolved, so you can eat, talk, and chew more comfortably. 

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  • Thanks for your advice on how you should consider getting orthodontics if you experience pain while chewing food. I had no idea that this treatment could also correct misaligned teeth and jaw pain. I should probably suggest this to my colleague who finds it hard to enjoy food lately thanks to toothaches.

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