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Six Surprising Facts about Dental Braces

By October 15, 2022November 21st, 2022Orthodontics
A child smiles widely with dental braces in Sacramento, CA

Modern dental braces have revolutionized contemporary orthodontics. Today, patients have more smile-correcting options than ever. And, with clear braces, patients can finally straighten crooked teeth without drawing negative attention to their mouths.


Dr. Timothy E. Mickiewicz takes great pride in helping his patients choose the best orthodontic treatments for their smiles and budgets. If you’re interested in discussing your smile-alignment options with a trusted dentist in Sacramento, CA, then contact Dr. Mickiewicz today. Patients can reach our team online here, or they may call our dental clinic directly at (916) 469-9178.


In this post, Dr. Mickiewicz gives you six surprising facts about dental braces. You won’t believe how much has changed since the orthodontia of yesteryear!

There Are Many Types of Dental Braces

Historically, people have known braces as bulky, metal contraptions that invite unwelcome comments and embarrassment for years on end. Today, however, braces are much more comfortable and discreet.


Indeed, patients have many options when it comes to contemporary dental braces, such as:

  • Traditional metal braces: This classic orthodontia uses metal wires and brackets to shift teeth into better alignment. While the gear of traditional braces is noticeable, the improvements upon metal braces have made them far more comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing than before.
  • Clear braces: Clear braces are similar to traditional braces. However, the wires and brackets are clear or tooth-colored, making them a discreet option for image-conscious patients.
  • Invisalign®: These clear, plastic trays move teeth just as well as traditional or clear braces. The primary difference, however, is that patients can easily remove their aligners while eating, drinking, or conducting oral hygiene. This makes them a fantastic option for young, busy, or discerning patients.

Yes, Treatment Can Go Faster

One of the most common questions that our Sacramento dentist gets asked is, “Is there any way that I can speed up my orthodontic treatment?” In the past, the answer had been a resolute no. Today, however, the answer is an emphatic yes!


AcceleDent® Optima™ is a revolutionary technological advancement in orthodontia. This hands-free orthodontic device uses Bluetooth-enabled SoftPulse Technology® to accelerate orthodontic treatments


The sonic vibrations encourage teeth to hasten their journey into their new positions in the mouth. By simply using Acceledent Optima for just 20 minutes a day in conjunction with braces or aligners, patients can reduce their treatment timelines by 50%.

Dental Braces Fix More Than a Crooked Smile

Many patients view braces as a purely cosmetic treatment. But, there are several practical reasons to get braces, too. 


For example, patients with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain may find lasting relief with orthodontic treatments. This is because misaligned bites put uneven pressure and stress on the jaws. As a result, patients can address both a crooked smile and TMJ dysfunction with dental braces.


Additionally, crooked or crowded teeth are much more difficult to keep clean, which can lead to increased cavities and advancing gum disease. Straight teeth, however, are much easier to keep clean. Subsequently, orthodontia may be an excellent option for patients looking to enhance their oral and overall health.


Lastly, better dental alignment can help patients overcome some eating, speaking, and sleeping disorders. Indeed, straighter teeth can:

  • Help patients bite and chew their food properly
  • Fix lisps or whistles while speaking
  • Prevent snoring and bruxism (teeth grinding) while sleeping


Clearly, modern dental braces are more versatile than their bygone counterparts. As a result, patients can address far more issues than crooked or crowded teeth with contemporary orthodontia.

Orthodontia Isn’t Just for Teens

When it comes to getting a beautiful smile, there are no age limits. Unfortunately, however, there is a common misconception that adults cannot pursue orthodontic treatments.

This is simply untrue. Our Sacramento dentist recommends smile-correcting treatments for all eligible patients, regardless of age. In fact, age has very little to do with orthodontic eligibility. Age does, however, have something to do with orthodontic treatment timelines.


As we age, our bones become less pliable. This means that they get harder to move and mold with time. Subsequently, our teeth become harder (but not impossible!) to move as we get older

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This just means that adults may have to wait a little longer than children to get the same brilliant results with dental braces. To put things into perspective, experts believe that most adults can expect three to four years of treatment compared to two years of treatment for minors. 

Millions of Americans Are Wearing Braces Right Now

It may be easy to feel as if you are the only person in your circle who has dental braces, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, statistics prove that an estimated four million people are wearing braces in the United States right now


Think you’re the only adult in your family or friend group with braces? You might be wrong. It turns out that, of those four million people, nearly 25% of them are adults. So, if you were on the fence about adult orthodontia, let this be your sign to take the leap!

Some Braces ‘Facts’ Are Actually Myths

There are plenty of myths that continue to circulate about metal braces. For example, many people still believe that traditional braces will:

  • Set off metal detectors
  • Interfere with radio signals
  • Stick to other metals magnetically
  • Prevent patients from playing sports or instruments
  • Lock with other people’s braces while kissing


In general, metal braces do not set off metal detectors, interfere with radio signals, or stick to other metals magnetically. And, while sports, instruments, and kissing may be more cumbersome with braces, patients can still enjoy all of their favorite activities with the right modifications and accessories.

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