Sacramento Dentist Effectively Treats TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)

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The temporomandibular joints are among the most complicated joints in the body. These joints connect the mandible (or lower jaw) to the temporal bone on the sides of the head, just in front of the ears. Thanks to these joints, we can chew, speak, and yawn. Unfortunately, when the TMJ doesn’t work properly, a person can experience pain and discomfort that disrupts their everyday lives.

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD) can occur for several reasons, including arthritis, injury, bruxism, and genetics. Though it is difficult to determine the cause of TMJD, science and extensive research have determined that conservative treatments are the most effective.

Dr. Timothy Mickiewicz has dedicated his career to helping patients live pain-free. His track record and dedication to continuous research has earned him the title of “The Face of TMJ Therapy.”  When you visit our Sacramento, CA office, Dr. Mick will likely recommend one of these conservative treatments for your TMJD:

1. Oral Appliance

You may have heard of oral appliances referred to as bite guards or bite plates. These appliances help improve jaw alignment and reduce teeth grinding and jaw clenching that put incredible pressure on the jaw. Oral appliances decrease pain and relieve the muscles, allowing them to relax and repair over time. Doctors typically recommend that their patients wear an oral appliance for 24 hours a day.

2. Trigger Point Injections (TPI)

For patients suffering from debilitating pain, trigger point injections may be an effective solution. TPI is also used to treat chronic headaches and migraines that may be associated with TMJD.

Patients who choose TPI should be prepared to attend several treatment sessions, during which our compassionate dentist will use careful precision to administer anesthetics or anti-inflammatory medications into targeted muscles.

3. Physical Therapy

TMJD can often be treated through physical therapy with a trained therapist. Focusing on muscle and joint movements, the soft tissues in the joint begin to relax and the muscles strengthen. These movements increase jaw strength and mobility.

4. Medication

Dr. Mick may prescribe muscle relaxants or antidepressants to patients with severe pain. These medications may treat underlying causes and will ease the symptoms of TMJD. In most cases, dentists recommend medications in conjunction with other treatment methods.

Patient Reviews

Dr. Mick only uses proven treatment methods and customized treatment plans for patients with TMJD. Check out these testimonials from some of our most recent TMJD patients:

“When I went to see Dr. Mickiewicz my jaw was locking up on me because my TMJ was so bad and my doctor didn’t really know what to do for me. This man changed my life. At my first visit I couldn’t even yawn without my jaw locking in the open position. At my last visit, I could yawn and even chew steak without my jaw hurting.” -Jewel L.

“I have spent thousands of dollars out of pocket to dentists for my TMJ problems with no lasting relief. Dr. Mickiewicz was able to give me relief after years of pain… His extensive knowledge of the disorder was clear; combined with his personable disposition put me at ease. His staff also deserves mention [as] they are true professionals with a clear constitution for compassion.” -Cathleen J.

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