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7 Reasons to consider Invisalign for your teen

By May 31, 2024June 6th, 2024Orthodontics
Teen smiles while holding up a toothbrush and Invisalign aligner.

Have you been considering Invisalign for your teen? Maybe you are concerned about the health impact of crooked teeth, or perhaps your teen is self-conscious about their smile. Whatever the reasons, there are myriad benefits to Invisalign for teens. This post explores seven compelling reasons to get Invisalign for your teen, including how it can improve dental health, boost self-esteem, and enhance their overall quality of life.

As a trusted provider of Invisalign treatment in Sacramento, California, Dr. Mickiewicz, also known as Dr. Mick, and his team are ready to guide your teen toward a healthier smile. Early intervention is key to successful orthodontic treatment, and we’re here to help. Call us at (916) 469-9178 to schedule an appointment and start your teen on the path to a healthier, happier smile today. 

1. Invisalign is an investment in your teen’s future.  

Investing in Invisalign for your teen’s dental health is a wise decision. The sooner we can correct dental issues, the better. Taking proactive steps now means fewer potential problems throughout adulthood. Early orthodontic treatment has the potential to be more effective because young people have a more adaptable musculoskeletal system, which allows the body to adapt more readily to intervention. By acting now, you are giving your teen a healthy, beautiful smile for life. 

2. Early orthodontic treatment prevents wear and tear.  

Not only can early intervention make Invisalign more effective, but it can also prevent wear and tear on teeth from years of misalignment. This wear and tear can have a long-lasting, negative impact on dental health, causing tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. By addressing these issues early with Invisalign, you can help your teen avoid these critical dental concerns and help keep their teeth in stellar condition.  

3. Invisalign is less painful than traditional braces.  

Traditional braces contain metal brackets and wires. These can be painful to the gums and lips, especially when first installed, making it difficult to eat and speak. The subsequent adjustments made to braces throughout the process can also be quite uncomfortable. In contrast, Invisalign uses a sequence of clear plastic aligners to gradually correct the teeth’s alignment over time. The smooth surface of Invisalign aligners makes regular wear relatively painless. While patients can experience mild headaches or jaw soreness as they adjust to a new aligner, the process is designed to be as comfortable as possible. 

4. Invisalign can be easier to maintain than traditional braces.  

With Invisalign, your teen can enjoy a hassle-free dental routine. Unlike traditional braces, which can be a struggle to floss and brush around delicate brackets and wires, Invisalign aligners are removable. Your teen can simply remove the clear plastic aligners and clean their teeth as usual. One thing that can be challenging for teens starting Invisalign is remembering to wear the aligner for 20 to 22 hours daily. However, once your teen has adjusted to this new routine, using Invisalign is a relatively simple process. To ensure that teeth and aligners do not get stained, it is essential to: 

    • Remove aligners before eating 

    • Brush teeth after eating and before putting the aligner back on

    • Brush aligners with a toothbrush 

Invisalign Cleaning Crystals can also improve the hygiene and appearance of your teen’s Invisalign aligners. Many teens find maintaining Invisalign simple because the treatment fits seamlessly into their day-to-day routines. 

5. Invisalign can boost your teen’s confidence.  

For generations, patients have dreaded orthodontia because of the impact on appearance during treatment. It’s common for teens with traditional braces to avoid smiling because they simply dislike how it looks. Fortunately, Invisalign offers a virtually invisible alternative to the brackets and wires of braces that allow your teen to smile confidently. Not only can Invisalign lead to happy high school photos, but it also helps ensure that your teen will feel good about their smile for life by correcting dental misalignment before it progresses. Yet another potential boost to confidence is that Invisalign doesn’t impede activities like sports and music. Traditional braces are known for making impact sports more painful and wind instruments more challenging to play. Invisalign does not create these kinds of problems. Invisalign aligners’ smooth, virtually invisible material helps your teen stay in the game and enjoy the spotlight throughout their high school career.

6. Your teen can eat normally with Invisalign.  

One of the most dreaded aspects of traditional braces is their impact on diet. Traditional braces can make it uncomfortable to chew, especially at the beginning of treatment. For the duration of treatment with traditional braces, The American Association of Orthodontists recommends avoiding foods ranging from hard candy and corn on the cob to nuts, crunchy vegetables, and bagels. In contrast, Invisalign treatment does not require this level of restriction. As long as your teen removes their Invisalign aligners before eating and brushes their teeth before placing the aligners back on, there are typically no restrictions on what they can eat during treatment. 

7. Invisalign involves a custom treatment plan.  

Unlike direct-to-consumer aligner brands that use unreliable methods of creating aligners, Invisalign involves in-person treatment from a licensed dentist. This expert level of care ensures your teen gets the care they deserve. Dr. Mick and his team craft custom trays to be worn for two weeks so treatment can happen as quickly and painlessly as possible. Many patients complete treatment within one year, whereas traditional braces can take several months longer. Avoid the potential long-term complications of unsupervised orthodontia: stay away from direct-to-consumer brands. Invisalign is the clear choice for clear aligners precisely because of the close supervision from a local dentist. 

Schedule your teen’s Invisalign consultation today. 

Dr. Mick and the team look forward to creating a customized Invisalign treatment plan for your teen. We have provided expert orthodontic care to patients of all ages and are proud to report a proven track record of happy patients. As discussed above, Invisalign is an excellent choice for many teenagers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think your teen may benefit from orthodontic care. The sooner we can treat misaligned teeth, the better it is for long-term dental health. Call Dr. Mick at (916) 469-9178 or contact us online to schedule an Invisalign consultation for your teen today. Let’s help your teen achieve a healthy smile without the hassle of traditional braces.