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5 Tips for Optimal Results with Invisalign®

Invisalign clear aligner storage case

Whether considering Invisalign® clear aligners or already wear them, it’s essential to understand the role you play in achieving optimal results. No matter how good your dentist is, you may not be pleased with your smile if you don’t do your part.

And who doesn’t want the most beautiful smile possible?

Here Dr. Timothy Mickiewicz offers five simple tips on how you can stay on track with your Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign Tip #1: Know When to Wear Them

One of the main reasons people choose Invisalign clear aligners is the fact that they are removable. But while this makes them super convenient when eating or performing oral hygiene, leaving them out too much can sabotage your treatment.

The number one thing that knocks patients off the treatment schedule track is not wearing their aligners enough. For the trays to be effective, they must be worn 22 hours a day. Essentially, if you aren’t doing something that requires you to remove them, you should be wearing them.

It is also helpful to know when you should remove your aligners. Obviously, they must be removed to perform oral hygiene. They should also be removed when you eat.

In addition, you should take your aligners out to drink anything other than water. Everyone loves how discreet clear aligners are, so do your part to keep them clear. Remove them when drinking colored beverages that can stain them. And don’t leave them in when consuming sugary or hot drinks, as sugar can damage them, and heat can warp them.

Invisalign Tip #2: Keep the Your Teeth and the Aligners Clean

Since Invisalign aligners fit perfectly on your teeth, they can trap food debris and bacteria firmly against your teeth. Therefore, it is important to clean your teeth before putting your aligners back in after consuming food or beverages. If you can’t brush them, you at least want to rinse your mouth well.

The perfect fit also means you need to keep the aligners clean. It is a good idea to at least rinse them before putting them back in your mouth. They should also be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a day. The best times to do this are upon waking and before going to bed.

To clean them, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a dab of clear, non-scented antibacterial soap. Avoid toothpaste, as it can discolor, scratch, or damage your aligners. If you want to soak them, don’t use mouthwash, as this can stain them. Instead, use Invisalign cleaning crystals or denture cleaner.

And remember, they only need to be cleaned, not sterilized. So don’t try boiling them or putting them in the dishwasher, as they will melt.

Invisalign Tip #3: Advance on Time and in the Right Order

Invisalign orthodontics work by moving your teeth gently, with each new tray moving you closer to your desired smile. Your dentist will set up your treatment schedule, and it’s vital to stay on track with it. A big part of your treatment schedule is knowing how long you should wear a set of aligners before advancing to the next set.

Not advancing on time can get you off track and increase your treatment time.

Also, each set of trays is slightly different from the ones that come before and after. To stay on track, you want to be sure to choose the proper set when advancing.

Keeping your follow-up appointments with your dentist will help ensure you stay on track.

Invisalign Tip #4: Keep Your Case Handy

The many ways patients have lost or damaged their Invisalign aligners are mind-boggling. They get thrown away in a napkin, chewed up by pets, destroyed by the washer and drier, and damaged by other loose items in a purse or backpack.

Damaged, destroyed, or lost, the outcome is the same. Not only are you out the money it costs to replace them, but it can take time to get the replacement. This time without the proper aligner can easily knock you off your treatment schedule.

Avoid the temptation to shove your aligners in your pocket, drop them in your purse unprotected, leave them on a table where a pet can get them, or wrap them in a napkin while you eat. Instead, remove the risk of damage or loss by storing them in their case when you aren’t wearing them.

Keep your case handy at all times in case you want to eat or drink something. It’s also a great idea to keep oral hygiene supplies with your case so you can clean your teeth after consumption.

Invisalign Tip #5: Download the App

Did you know there is a My Invisalign App? This handy tool helps track your treatment and gives reminders when you need to progress to the next set of aligners. It also allows you to share experiences with other users.

Are you ready for a beautiful smile?

If you are in the Sacramento, CA area, Dr. Mickiewicz has the knowledge and experience with Invisalign you want. Call his office today at 916-469-9178 to schedule a consultation. His knowledgeable team is available to answer your questions.